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Vil-logy Inc.
Welcomes You

Our Core Focus

Vil-logy Inc., glorifying God through all activities that enhance the overall well-being of People, Communities and Earth are what we’re about.

  1. Educate, Family Unity, and Establish a real company that will leave a legacy for people children's children.

  2. Sustain, Preserve and Develop natural growth with products and companies with services in each community.

  3. Support, Develop and Enhance Earth’s vitalities ( The capacity to live, grow, or develop).

There is also an ROI through our partnerships. The more projects we support and the ability to give corporate Estimated Tax Relief to all companies who donate and that are established in the US. We also provide consistent development of new projects globally. Self-Sustaining “Village-City’’ projects which each has the ability to supply their own energy, water source, and agricultural growth. They each develop within their own “Village-City” facilities for Health, Education, and Science enhancements. We are able to share a “Blue-Print ‘’ of the development project that will help globally change and\beauty. Resulting in a world with “Village-City’’ locations. This will reduce waste, poverty, and isolation. Manifesting a natural development:

  • 1. People Unification.

  • 2. Community Prosperity.

  • 3. Earth Enhancements

We are Vil-logy Inc., the new force of individuals that unified to bring the opportunity of unyielding choice of high expectations through the commitment of living by a higher standard than most will choose to. Newness is each day beginning with accepting challenges as signs of prosperous end results.


Invest and work with us to explore unlimited developments where there is no “I” just “We” which keep a balance of all involved with each new manifestation. There is no room for any Greed, Fear, and Vanity.


We all accept to be serving others with a “True Servant’s Heart”. We keep our focus on amazing support for all people, communities, and the earth. Be part of something greater than “Self”.


Vil-logy Inc. is nonprofit and operates as such. Tax Deductible is your contribution. Be it, from yourself and estimated tax payments. We also have an ROI for Corporations willing to donate their quarterly estimated taxes. Please, consult through our legal offices for a walk-through.

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